A novel sustainable defoamer for cleaning applications

Customer´s need for environmentally safe and cost-effective products that do not compromise on performance is steadily growing. Nouryon launched a more sustainable, water-miscible deofoamer (“Ethylan TB345”) that will help household and industrial cleaning fromulators meeting customer needs.

“Foam can be a big problem in certain household and industrial cleaning operations, with consequences ranging from reduced cleaning performance to downtime of production processes,” explains Stuart Holt, Global Technical Marketing Manager Cleaning at Nouryon. Our novel defoamer is an excellent alternative to what is currently on the market while being inherently biodegradable, non-persistent and label-free. We have already received very positive feedback from target customers.”

“This innovative new product reflects our focus on supporting our customers’ desire for better performing solutions that do not come at the expense of the environment,” says AB Ghosh, Managing Director Surface Chemistry at Nouryon. “It also extends our cleaning portfolio and opens up more opportunities for sustainable growth.”  The company recently expanded its offering to customers in the detergents market with bio-based polymers with chelating properties. The company is currently expanding the production of biodegradable chelates in Europe and recently completed a major expansion at its surfactants facility in Boxing, China, enabling the company to better serve customers in Asia and other regions around the world.

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